The Monkey Trial Judgement Day Book Comes Alive With the Release of the Audio Book, Narrated by Kathryn Raaker, Syndicated Radio and TV Personality

The Monkey Trial Judgment Day, written by Gerald Blumenthal Ph.D, is a fact-based book about Toni McTavish, a high-priced Chicago call girl whose attempt to start a new life in Houston is thwarted by a possessive client, his legal team and a highly-erratic judge. The inner-workings of the court room are exposed as the defense lawyer fights for the future of his client. The dramatic ending personifies the twists and turns of the American legal system as it deals with a deranged serial killer. When the story is combined with the music by David Swan Montgomery and the narration by Kathryn Raaker, it makes for an entertaining and enticing five-hour listening experience. This audio book is available on Amazon here. This book is being considered for a movie deal and TV series production.

song-stories-logo-small After learning of this engaging novel, three members of WIFV collaborated to benefit the nonprofit, Songs and Stories for Soldiers. This amazing organization, founded by author and financial advisor Daniel Perkins, provides MP3 players for active duty and wounded soldiers. The MP3 players provide access to thousands of audio books, songs and radio programs. Kathryn Raaker narrated the book by Gerald Blumenthal, David Swan Montgomery provided the original music, Bill Raaker edited the audio production and the proceeds of the book, plus a free download into the MP3 players are being donated to Songs and Stories for Soldiers. Visit the Songs and Stories for Soldiers website here.

“There are so many veterans and active duty soldiers that need this small token of appreciation from other Americans who support this organization. This is our way of giving back to them for their dedicated service and many times, the changes that are life altering,” Kathryn Raaker said.